Even though I’m exactly three weeks early, I’m declaring my resolutions today. It’s never to soon to get started on positive changes in your life, right?

In no particular order:

1. I resolve to be a better friend. There are so many friendships I have let slip away. Drift is a natural thing in friendships, of course, but I seem to be quite good at letting people disappear for no real reason other than friendship laziness. Facebook has made this point abundantly clear by bringing people back into my life. Still, clicking on the like button or dropping a comment doesn’t count. I will try to call or email. Christmas cards, however, are still out.

2. I resolve to socialize more. According to the Myers Briggs test, I am an extrovert, but I haven’t felt extroverted in years. My local friendships have dwindle, and I have made little effort to make new ones. I intend to change this without returning to the manic butterfly state.

3. I resolve to lose more weight again. Everyone resolves this. Few succeed. This goes on the list with high hopes. We’ll see what happens.

4. I resolve to de-clutter my house. I will prevail with a de-clutter plan to take things one step at a time. It will work.

5. I semi-resolve to have more fun doing things. It’s a semi-resolution because I doubt my follow through. I want to go to more concerts, do more local events,  outings. I’m awfully lazy, though, so we’ll see what happens.

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