I am behind on…

1. Grading. SO MUCH GRADING. And it’s not even the crunch time yet.

2.  Cleaning. I never finished my 40 steps/40 days summer goal of cleaning my office. I have piles of crap all over the place and everything I dusted now has layers of dust again. Depressing.

3. Reading. My “to be read” pile is huge.

4. Health care. Dentist’s appointment and a dermatology appointment. For months now.

5. lolcats. Caught up on lolcats, goggies, lookalikes, and punditkitchen. Behind on Engrish and Failblog. Can’t catch up. At all. I’m trying, though, which shows my priorities are straight.

6. Dollhouse (thereby contributing to its cancellation).

Things coming up that scare me…

1. Final grades. (No brainer.)

2. Getting ready for Rome. So much to do!

3. The dentist. When I actually get there, she’s going to tell me I need a root canal and a crown. So not looking forward to that.

4. Being broke. That will happen if I need a root canal and a crown. Not to mention Rome. Or my current obsessions.

Current obsessions…

1. Motorola Droid. Should I?

2. Amazon Kindle. Should I?

3. Netbook. Should I?

Things I’m good on (it’s always good to do a “done” list. It makes you feel productive!)…

1. Assessments

2. Haircut

3. uhhh nothing else really. I better get to work.

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