Huffington Post has lost it. The site contains story after story about Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin. Sometimes other people are added to the mix — all the usual suspects. To be fair, they add balance with Jon Stewart, Michael Moore, and Arianna herself. On the whole, though, that site is obsessed with right wing bloviation. This obsessive coverage just gives the blowhards more limelight, attention, and power. It’s like feeding trolls.

Sarah Palin is now promoting her book, which means she’s making the media circuit. Ultimately this translates to more Palin for us to look forward to on HuffPo. They will document every stop she makes on her trail from Oprah to Good Morning, Peoria. If she truly is as vapid as the leftwing blogosphere claims, then why the hell do we give her more than two words of acknowledgment? I mean, it’s like a 6th-grade bully picking on an underweight fourth-grader.  Are we on the left that bored? That desperate? Is this a “give the readers what they want” moment? We’re better than that.

Probably about one out of ten comments on these articles challenge, “Is this really news?” But then, here I am, reading the articles, and even reading the comments, most of which degrade into third-grade hair-pulling. Maybe we are asking for it.

C’mon Huffpo. Let’s raise the level of conversation.

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