The last three musicians I listened to:

1. Lucinda Williams
2. Neko Case
3. Indigo Girls

Last three websites I bookmarked:

1. PBS documentary – Through Deaf Eyes
2. Pie Maven – Pie Idioms (I was looking for the origin of finger in every pie)
3. Retailers Turn Away from Baby Boomers

Last three purchases I made:

1. AAA batteries for my .mp3 recorder for school lectures
2. Pecan pralines (bad!)
3. Bottled water

Last three things that made me laugh:

1.  27b/6 — Author’s son on school: “I don’t understand why I have to go to school at all, the internet knows more than all the teachers there put together.”
2. The UF Zombie Readiness Plan. It’s gone now and I’m sorry I didn’t download it.
3. Whip It

Last three things I learned this week:

1. People in WoW call their alts/chars/avatars “toons.” According to some VR friends, this term predates WoW. I have only heard it in reference to cartoon characters (a furry variant).
2. Deaf schools have football teams. The players and the cheerleaders use drums to communicate. Fascinating stuff.
3. You still can’t buy sex toys in Alabama. (You can buy guns pretty easily, though.)

Three things I don’t want to do this week:

1. Laundry (a never-ending battle)
2. Grading
3. More grading

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