1. This week is over. It’s Friday. I’m heaving a sigh of relief. Can you hear it?

2. Tonight is Dollhouse, but I’m not watching it because my niece and I are going to India’s restaurant. I realize I’m contributing to its pending cancellation. It depresses me, but not enough to miss Indian food.

3. I am thinking about giving up D&D for a while. I love playing with my group, but it is a. hyoooge (10? 11? ppl) and b. we drive to NOLA to play. I have very mixed feelings about this. I haven’t fully decided yet.

4. IT installed McAffee on my work computer. My computer is now grinding to a halt. I’m fairly certain that it’s due to McAffee. This depresses me.

5. Obama went on the talk-show circuit where he stated that  he doesn’t think race is the driving force behind town hall protests. WTF?? I did like his turn of phrase regarding the media feeding frenzy: “They can’t get enough of conflict. It’s catnip to the media right now.”

6. I happened to look at the website for the artist Pena. His posters from the early 80s are worth 300-400 bucks these days. Pretty cool. It’s unfortunate that Southwestern decor became a Walmart favorite and then became passe. I really love it. I love my Pena, but it’s in my closet.

7. I have way too many posts named Random Musings.

8. I found a list of Gen X neologisms. I’ve forgotten how many great phrases Douglas Coupland came up with. It’s ironic how several of these just don’t apply anymore. For instance “Tele-parablizing,” which is morals in everyday life derived from sitcom plots. Kids today don’t really watch TV the way we did.“Emallgration”: “Migration toward lower-tech, lower-information environments containing lessened emphasis on consumerism. This one just doesn’t make sense. The E at the beginning automatically signifies the internet to people today. And very few people would go low-tech, low-info, low-consumerism today. One that is extremely relevant: “Poorochondria,” or hypochondria derived from having no health insurance. I had this for years.

9. I don’t really have a 9.



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