is sponsoring a successful boycott of Fox New’s Glenn Beck.

I read AOL’s “Politics Daily” blog on occasion. The audience is heavily conservative, so the comments are vitriolic, vituperative, and vigorous (I needed another v-word for balance). They make me point-laugh. Yesterday, Carl Cannon wrote some stupid BS about the boycott, claiming that it’s censorship and not good citizenship. Well, after reading pages of comments, I got totally frustrated and I actually posted a comment. I suppose it’s just a means of blowing off steam. It’s buried 5,000 comments in, so I doubt a soul will read it. But it was fun and it made me feel better. So here’s what I wrote:

I know I’m stupid to post here given the utter ignorance of the right-wing neo-cons. The complete disregard for /basic/ facts is pretty astounding. Not surprising, but astounding. I’m talking about simple facts, not controversial claims. There are several completely retarded claims in these posts. For instance,

1. The call for impeachment – to impeach a standing official is to indict (look it up..) them for breaking a law or committing a crime. What crime has Obama supposedly committed? (Uh oh. Here come the birthers.) Impeachment is not removing someone from office because you disagree with them.

2. The cry of censorship – Censorship is when an institution suppresses speech. When the Texas Board of Education pulls textbooks from the curriculum because they have evolution in them, that’s censorship. When the governor of Alaska demands a library to remove books from its shelves, that’s censorship. When the right wing calls dissenters who criticized Bush unpatriotic, that’s /not/ censorship.It’s stupid and wrong-headed, but it’s not censorship. What /is/ censorship is when Rupert Murdoch and Fox pull Glenn Beck for killing their profits. So, you should actually boycott Fox for the suppression of speech.

3. The idea of an “Environment Czar” comes from communism because it’s Russian – The first U.S. policy czar was actually appointed by Richard Nixon. The language of “czar” as policy-maker was used by the media much earlier, but the first official title was granted by a Republican.

4. The citizens of Louisiana elected the “incompetent Kathleen Blanco” twice – Kathleen Blanco declined to run for a second term after Katrina. In other words, for those of you who can’t count, she was governor only once.

5. It’s not the advertisers that matter to a show, it’s the viewers – Media corporations are profit-making ventures. They do not get any direct profits from viewership. They make their money on advertising. The bigger the viewership, the better ratings, the more advertisers they have. It’s the advertisers that matter to the corporations. The viewers are just a means to an end.

6. It’s vs. its and your vs. you’re – These words seem to be used interchangeably by the right-wing ranters (and, admittedly, some of the left wingers too). The irony is that this illiteracy, this butchering of the English language, comes from people who /hate/ immigrants (illegal or otherwise) who can’t speak English.

These are not controversial theories or stupid fake talking points,like Obama’s socialism, or his death panels, or his place of birth,or the hoax of global warming. These are facts. They are not politically biased interpretations. They are facts. No wonder we “liberal loons” think that the neo-cons are all stupid. It’s because they really /are/.

OH! I got two responses in the past minute. They are very humorous and they prove my point! Such smart people! The first one obviously can’t read and the second one..well.. Of course, what do I expect.

1.  Liberal Loon, since you are so much smarter than us I wonder why you bothered to post. You can step down from you’re Pius Soapbox and quit looking down your nose at the rest of us who disagree with you. And Global Warming is not a fact, you just sucked in Al Gores crap, and when did he become an environmental scientist, Not.

2.  I totally agree with you. You are stupid.

Ah, such is civic discourse today. I really do have too much time on my hands, don’t I…

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