My Father, the Communist

My father passed away on January 11. We had a strained relationship for most of my adult life. One of my biggest regrets about losing him is that I didn't get to learn about his life story. He was an interesting, but broken man. I only knew him when he was broken. He was a wonderful storyteller, … Continue reading

This Machine Kills Facists

Like every good, card-carrying leftist, I know about Woody Guthrie and what he stood for. Surely everyone in the U.S. has heard part of "This Land is Your Land," at least in the white-washed setting where it's severed from its political roots. I didn't know about the additional verses to the … Continue reading

The Glenn Beck Boycott is sponsoring a successful boycott of Fox New’s Glenn Beck. I read AOL’s “Politics Daily” blog on occasion. The audience is heavily conservative, so the comments are vitriolic, vituperative, and vigorous (I needed another v-word for balance). They make me … Continue reading