Sam Hurt’s Eyebeam comic was one of my favorite things about UT – Austin. It started in the college paper, The Daily Texan. I think it went on to syndication, but I’m not sure. When I left UT, people mailed me the strip. My favorite character in the comic was Peaches (Queen of the Universe), the main character’s niece. Peaches eventually got her own comic, but that didn’t last for long. Peaches was .. well .. precocious.

I just found an Eyebeam strip with Peaches that was on my office door for a while. It’s old (1988), torn, and flimsy. Peaches is standing on a sidewalk, and a big bully comes up to her and says,

“This is my sidewalk. Sorry, but no girls allowed on my sidewalk.” The next frame is the bully splat on the ground and Peaches walking away while saying, “Sorry, but no sexist piglets allowed on my planet…”

I love Peaches.


  1. I often wondered what happened to Peaches. I read her years ago in the Philadelphia Inquirer Daily News and fell in love. I wish she was still around.

  2. Peaches still makes the occasional appearance in Eyebeam. If you go to the site (all flash: don’t try this with an iPhone, iPod, or iPad) and click on the icon with her face you’ll get the entire run of Peaches, Queen of the Universe (there are various links to different vintages of Eyebeam as well). For the most recent strips you’ll have to do what I do: go to The Austin Chronicle’s website at and either click on the E-Edition for the current issue or click on their link to the Archives and work your way backwards through the E-Editions–Eyebeam is usually about 12 pages from the end of each issue. Glad I could help!

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