Today I completed not one, but TWO steps on my 40 days/40 steps cleaning plan. I cleaned the closet completely. There were three steps the closet: Floor, top shelf, and clothes rod. I did the floor a couple of days ago. Today I did the clothes rod and top shelf. Many clothes are going to Connections for Life, which I have written about previously.

Things I found today

1. One pair of black cowboy boots. Yes, I still have them. Yes, I am keeping them.
2. Winter scarves knitted by my grandmother. (Kept)
3. A blanket my grandmother gave me when I was in second or third grade. (Kept)
4. A Blair Witch Project movie poster received at the opening of the movie. It’s in a nice tube. Anyone want it?
5. 20 year old birks. (Can you recycle birks? I don’t think they are wearable anymore to donate.)
6. A box of VHS tapes I used to use in classes. They include the Crying Game and Just Another Girl on the IRT. (Tossed)
7. One Little Mermaid Lunchbox. A gift from friends. I’ve lugged it around for 15 years because I’m sentimental. It had inches of dust. (Donated)
8. Old super tube giant coloring posters that the kid and I did. I have one unopened tube. Apparently these posters are no longer produced. Maybe I will ebay it.

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  1. Author

    Ha. Long-story-short, several things conspired such that I pulled my blog down for a couple of months, ditched half the entries and pages, and then put it up again. I decided to keep this entry. In reading it, I “FOUND” some missing items I couldn’t find in my closet. I hope some little girl is enjoying her Mermaid lunchbox.

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