I am almost done with cleaning my office. What’s left is the hardest part: My filing cabinet. I’ve done some preliminary cleaning of files, but most of the work remains. I’ve started cleaning and de-cluttering other parts of the house. It feels productive, but the truth is that I’m avoiding the ominous filing cabinets.

The other day I found a videotape of an interview I did with my grandmother a couple of years before she died. I sent it off to be converted to DVD. I hope they don’t break it or ruin it.

On a different note, my therapist seems utterly fascinated by D&D. He keeps asking me how it works, how the rules work, whether or not you can win, how can anyone put so much time into something, etc. It’s sort of strange. I hope he doesn’t start asking me to psychoanalyze my D&D characters. That would be too weird.

My latest character is named Leopold. He is a Paladin of Love with a funky build (ftr 5/monk 2/pal 3). The campaign setting is Faerun, so his goddess is Sune. She’s the only chaotic deity allowed paladins, so I play him as lawful bordering on chaotic. I got on a roll and wrote a six page character background for him. It’s been fun.

I don’t believe in Mary-Sue-ing a character. I do think that all characters have some player projection in them; they do come from the player’s mind, after all. But I really don’t think my characters are much in the way of keys to unlock my emotional dramas.

Maybe my therapist is just interested in D&D as a phenomenon.

Who knows.

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