1. I still play on text-based games (muds, mux, etc.). Most of the gaming world has moved onto MMORPGs.

2. My cellphone is the one they sell to senior citizens. Big digit buttons, no keyboard for texting. I don’t text, surf, or download ringtones. In fact, I don’t even keep my cellphone on. I just turn it on to call out.

3. Until my new computer this week, I didn’t have the capacity to play DVDs on my computer.

4. Until this week, I was using HTML frames instead of CSS for my website.

5. I would rather play D&D 3.5 than move to 4.0. Partly because I don’t like 4.0 and partly because I just don’t want to bother to learn a new system.

6. How I teach public speaking. I have long thought that public speaking organized around the standard informative, commemorative, and persuasive schtick was just -wrong- because speeches don’t divide like that in the real world. Yet I have never motivated myself to revamp my approach.

7. I still like Mary Daly (even though I’d rather be a cyborg than a goddess because I’m a Donna Haraway Fangirl).

8. I still like Rebecca Walker even though people think she’s gotten flaky over the past few years.

9. I still get a little teary-eyed when I play Reagan’s Challenger speech for public speaking students.

10. I like George Michael/Wham’s version of “Careless Whisper” much better than Seether’s.

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