This list is from cleaning out bookcase #2 on my list of 40 steps/40 days to cleaning my office. Progress, not perfection! In the Trash: 1. Boxes that contained materials for old motherboards and video cards tossed long ago. 2. Campaign Cartographer, a campaign mapping program for D&D and other table top RPGs. OMG, they are DOS based. From 1996! 3. Heaven and Earth, a lovely computer game from 1992 published by the now-defunct Buena Vista Software (a Disney company). It was a beautiful, meditative game. It’s on 5 1/4 floppies and it’s in DOS. I found a website that has a download available. 4.Read More →

1. I still play on text-based games (muds, mux, etc.). Most of the gaming world has moved onto MMORPGs. 2. My cellphone is the one they sell to senior citizens. Big digit buttons, no keyboard for texting. I don’t text, surf, or download ringtones. In fact, I don’t even keep my cellphone on. I just turn it on to call out. 3. Until my new computer this week, I didn’t have the capacity to play DVDs on my computer. 4. Until this week, I was using HTML frames instead of CSS for my website. 5. I would rather play D&D 3.5 than move to 4.0.Read More →

In cleaning out my office today, I discovered a pair of old black and white photos from my childhood. I was probably a year old in the arms of Aaron Henry, a famous civil rights leader. My grandmother, who hosted Henry in her home, who was a district-level politician in Chelsea in New York City at the height of the 60s.  She was progress, well-known, and well-respected. Yes, being radical is in my genetic code. Here is the text of the note my mother sent me with the pictures: The occasion of the photographs was a trip Aaron Henry made to NYC to seek supportRead More →

Since I never got a chance to blog about my trip to Scotland: We went Easter week in April because the husband was presenting at the Labour Process Conference again. We stayed mostly in Edinburgh, but we did take a day trip outside of the city. The city of Edinburgh is very cool. The central part of the city, the Royal Mile, part of Old Town, is formed on a ridge or spine that runs from the Edinburgh Castle to the Holyrood Palace. Each of these buildings is fascinating. I spent most of my time on and around the Royal Mile. The Edinburgh Castle isRead More →

An email I sent to reporter Lynn Sweet in response to a post she made on Politics Daily on why Obama should appoint a woman to the Supreme Court: I’m writing to you about a phrasing that you wrote in the lead to your SCOTUS post. The lead to your article reads: “So a new Gallop poll shows “no clamor” for President Obama to select a woman or minority to the Supreme Court vacancy being created by the departure of Justice David Souter.” Your lead calls to mind an old book entitled _But Some Of Us Are Brave: All the Women Are White, All theRead More →

My new computer is up and running. It took a bit of effort to prepare for the migration and then to get the new computer set up the way I want it. I’m not very good with change, apparently. I seem to want everything like it was on my old computer, only faster and better. I learned some new things, so I thought I’d share my travails. I got some great tips from Angelo PC. There are several ways you can migrate. You can use a program like PC Mover, or do what’s called an image and copy everything from one hard drive to another.Read More →

Three Gratitudes: 1. I am grateful for Facebook for putting me in touch with old friends. 2. I am grateful to all the people who added people to my city on facebook. 3. I am grateful for the people who read my blog. ∞

Facebook has changed the way I blog. Even election-watching, cabinet appointments, and Obama’s first 100 days brought me to Facebook and not my blog, and instead of participating in the HuffPo–New York Times linkfest, I only liked.  When I occasionally found an interesting, off-the-beaten-path link, I shared. For now, I will post my summer goals. That should be a sufficient sacrifice to satisfy the blogging gods. Summer Goals: 1. Clean out and de-clutter my office, damn it. Especially my desk. 2. Clean out my closets and get rid of old clothes. 3. Read Wendy Brown’s Regulating Aversion, which is about the dark side of tolerance,Read More →