An article about contemporary students’ sense of entitlement is all over the Canadian papers today. It cites a UC Irvine study published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence. The article discusses how entitled today’s students feel. Here are some stats from the article:

The study asked approximately 400 undergraduates aged 18 to 25 whether they agreed with these statements:

If I have explained to my professor that I am trying hard, I think he/she should give me some consideration with respect to my course grade – 66.2 per cent agree
If I have completed most of the reading for a class, I deserve a B in that course – 40.7 per cent
If I have attended most of the classes for a course, I deserve at least a grade of B – 34.1 per cent
Teachers often give me lower grades than I deserve on paper assignments
– 31.5 per cent
Professors who won’t let me take my exams at another time because of my personal plans (e.g. a vacation) are too strict – 29.9 per cent
A professor should be willing to lend me his/her course notes if I
ask for them – 24.8 per cent
I would think poorly of a professor who didn’t respond the same day to an e-mail I sent – 23.5 per cent
Professors have no right to be annoyed with me if I tend to come late to class or tend to leave early – 16.8 per cent
A professor should not be annoyed with me if I receive an important call during class – 16.5 per cent
A professor should be willing to meet with me at a time that works best for me, even if inconvenient for the professor – 11.2 per cent

These sentiments drive me crazy!


  1. ewww, see, this is what is wrong with America. No respect. Even if you do not like your professor, you still show them respect because of their position. School is a job and the professor is the boss. Give them respect and they’ll give it back in return….

    I can understand why you get so frustrated with students….special bunch.

  2. WOW.. and these are the students willing to baldy admit to such things on a questionnaire.


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