I just watched the pilot of TNT’s Raising the Bar on the TNT website. I didn’t get to see it during air time because of the power outage during Gustav. The show stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar from Saved by the Bell, which I admit I’ve watched now and then. I was hopeful that the show would knock my socks off given that it is a Steven Bochco show. I loved LA Law in its time. Even though Gosselaar did a great job (he’s really grown), I was still bored. I guess there are only so many courtroom stories to be told and then it’s the same ol’, same ol’. I did, however, like watching it on TNT.TV. That was cool. No commercials. I just wish they had season one of Saving Grace. I’d like to see the pilot to that show.

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  1. The first show of Raising the Bar, wasn’t that great…but, the shows that have aired after that, have been really good. you should give it another shot. I did and i was pleasantly surprised

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