Gustav was a harrowing and stressful experience, but we are really blessed and lucky that nothing major happened to us. We had some minor roof damage, we lost our electricity, we were inconvenienced. We have no right to complain.

We have (had) a tree about three feet from the front corner of our house. We’ve been arguing for ages about taking it down. I didn’t want to take it down, because I love it, and because its roots are holding up the house in that corner (at least according to an engineering report that we had done when we thought we were having foundation problems). But the tree keeps dropping limbs on our house. It damaged our roof enough that we needed a new one after Katrina/Rita. And we need repairs done now after Gustav. Hopefully we don’t need a new roof; I think patching will do the job. The husband sort of went crazy and decided to have all the trees in our yard removed. *sigh* Now we have a treeless yard. On the upside: No raking in the fall. The engineer said that the foundation would shift if we took down the tree. I hope that we don’t need major repairs.

As for the electricity, we had a generator and a small window unit that we put in my study. We basically lived in that room for a week, though the weather wasn’t too unbearably hot. We were grateful when we got the electricity back on Wednesday. The power company said it wouldn’t be up for three weeks and we were only down for eight days. Thank god. We were going stir crazy. It made me realize how much I spend my life online (ok, I already knew that. It just reinforced it for me. During the power outage, the husband read The Half Blood Prince to me at night before bed. That was fun.

We have a ton of canned goods in our pantry. The husband went hog wild buying what he could. He even bought canned ham (*twitch*) from Walgreens. I guess he felt pretty desperate. We are all stocked up on batteries, canned food, water, and gasoline for Ike, but I think Ike is going to be pretty mild for us here in BR.

The only benefit of Gustav is that I missed the Republican National Convention. Thank god for small favors.

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