Three cool quotes from Donna Haraway:

1. Rage is not relativism in the sense that either facts or fictions are matters of “personal” opinion or “multicultural” difference. Quite the opposite. The colonialist epistemological dualisms of relativism and realism require tropic swerving in a spirit of love and rage. Anarchists knew that kind of thing; and anarchists made strong knowledge claims, not vapid truces. In the face of many established disorders we need to practice saying “none of the above.” (Intro to Haraway Reader, p. 3)

2. Michael Foucault’s biopolitics is a flaccid premonition of cyborg politics, a very open field. (A Cyborg Manifesto)

3. There were some who regarded (A Cyborg Manifesto) as tremendously anti-feminist, promoting a kind of blissed-out, techno-sublime euphoria. Those readers completely failed to see all the critique. They would read things that for me are highly ironic and angry, a kind of contained ironic fury — they would read these things as my literal position, as if I was embracing and affirming what I am describing with barely restrained fury. (Interview in Haraway Reader, p. 324).

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