My latest fantasy:

I want to work at Digipen, the computer gaming school in Seattle. A friend and former student went to school there. The website posted four positions in general education. I drafted my cover letter and sent an email asking questions, only to find that they already filled the positions. But they are hiring next year as well. How exciting would that be? I got all wrapped up in the fantasy about working there, imagining how I would teach my classes.

Other random musings:

In other news, we are going to ZoSo tonight at the Varsity. ZoSo is a wildly popular Led Zeppelin tribute band, and the closest thing in my life to going to an actual Led Zeppelin concert. I’m looking forward to that, even though it will definitely keep me up past my bedtime. I will have to take a nap sometime today to bank some sleep.

I’m working my way through chapters 3 and 4 of When Species Meet. Chapter Three was a tough sled, though not as rough and abstract as some of Haraway’s other writing.


  1. And we are grateful that you write. 🙂

  2. Oh, all right. I’ll blog my comments about Chapters 3-4.

  3. ZoSo is indeed awesomeness. Remind me to relate to you sometime how Kaitie snookered me into taking her and her friends to Voodoo Fest insisting that Led Zeppelin was playing, only to discover it was “Lez Zeppelin”…

    Rhetoric of Cyberculture would be a hit, methinks. As would the gamer job. HAWT!


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