I watched Susperia the other day, which is a 70s horror movie by Dario Argento. It is considered to be a classic. It is the first part of a trilogy called “Three Mothers,” thirty years in the making. I have the second part from Netflix sitting at home. According to Rolling Stone, part three will be released this summer amidst all the big budget summer movies. The film is very strange and -very- 70s. The special effects are not very good, but the setting is very vivid. I’m not that into horror films, but this one was fun to watch.

Some more threes:

Three movies I want to see:
1. Speed Racer
2. Mother of Tears
3. Indiana Jones

Three movies I’ve just seen:
1. Baby Mama
2. Iron Man
3. Deception

Three great speeches I heard this week:
1. Mechanical Exoskeletons (informative)
2. Littering (it was very well done)
3. Supporting NASA

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  1. Suspiria is one of my favorites. The soundtrack is super-creepy, and the dance instructor, super scary (she’s in the sequel and supposed to be in the third flick too).

    Argento is FAB!

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