Yesterday was a great Valentine’s day. I looked forward to it for two weeks and I wasn’t disappointed. First we woke up at 6:30 AM (gawd) and baked our usual v-day cookies. Then that evening we went out to eat steak at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse. Which was yummy. Last, we went to see another Bollywood movie, Jodhaa Akbar.

Essentially, Jodhaa Akbar is a love story between the Muslim Mughal Emperor and his Hindi wife in 16th century India. It stars Aishwarya Rai, who I think is terribly beautiful. The movie was widely anticipated, and we didn’t get good seats because the theater was so full. The film showed at Grand Cinema, which has taken over the Hindi movie niche from the closed Siegen movie theater. My husband and I have started to go see the Bollywood movies. This is my third one (excluding the more American ones, like those by Mira Nair, or Bend it Like Beckham). It was a trip being in the movie theater with so many people of another culture. The people sitting next to us were very nice, and would take a minute to explain various parts of the movie to us. Since I don’t know anything about Indian history, some parts were hard to follow, so I’m sure I missed important details. The movie was long. Something like three and a half hours, with an intermission (all the Bollywood movies are longer than U.S. movies, and they all have intermissions).

Interestingly, the film is under protest by some people in Rajput for its historical inaccuracies.

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  1. I am eagerly awiating both ZMND and Agneepath.But i can’t understand the praise that Guzaarish is getting because its not quite the masterpiece that it is made out to be. Money has to bow before art’ but the question that one should be asking is if it is actually art.And my problem is more with SLB than with Hrithik. I think Hrithik did a very honest and sincere job. But SLB is not quite the genius that he is made out to be. I mean the concept is not original, no credit has been given to the original source[Is it pliagrism??], the film is full of plot holes, full of cliches. It is very superficial at an emotional level. I mean it is dressed up really well but the movie lacks soul.And 60-70 crores for such a film. Where did the money go?? I mean give only 10% of that to any competent director and they would make a better film than this. If it was made on a limited budget[like Black], then the accolades could have been justified to some extent. But the guy sank 50 crores just for the sake of it, to satisfy his ego. And this makes me afraid because this is just going to encourage him to make more such extravagant movies which lack a soul.

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