Gratitudes: After the Money’s Gone, Christmas Blahs

1. I am grateful for our fireplace. I love having a warm fire on these chilly nights.
2. I am grateful for my current housecleaning company. They are reliable even if they are expensive. (Liberal guilt aside….)
3. I am grateful to the person who fixed the printer at work today — it broke down; it was so frustrating.

It’s the Christmas season and I have the “Holiday Blahs.” As much as I love Christmas, I am ambivalent about it this year. Perhaps it’s because I’m feeling rather broke, saving money for Ireland. The idea of shopping fills me with dread, however. I don’t look forward to buying things.

I am wearing a holiday sweatshirt today to try to get into the mood. I am also going to start going through my Christmas sock collection.

  1. I see you are gaining an international following! Bueno! As far as Xmas shopping goes, I alwys lose patience in any temple of Capitalistic consumption after about 30 minutes and have been pondering making a glycerin soap bath basket for family again this year (I got hit with a $470 bill from Cingular/AT&T due to teen excess, so I feel ya there). I loathe the commercialism, but once I see kids caroling I get in the Christmas spirit pretty quick.

    Did you hear about the feminist movement finally acquiring male leadership? nyuk nyuk

    Happy Holidaze!