I finally finished reading Breach of Faith (by Jed Horne) for the One Book, One Community dialogues that are going on. The man is an amazing writer. His ability to evoke images is impressive. One of the librarians here said in regard to the BRCC book club discussion of the book that most people found the first part of the book compelling, but they didn’t like the second part. The second part is where Horne gets political. Not in a ranting sort of way, but in a narrative style that shows how Kathleen Blanco was set up by the Bush administration again and again. Horne’s even-handed in depicting the various political fiascoes that were responsible for the Katrina devastation.

I was supposed to facilitate a community dialogue about the book last night at the Intercultural Center at LSU, but hardly anyone showed up. I expect that the dialogues on Katrina and race will be standing room only, though. (The discussion questions can be downloaded from here.) I’m looking forward to the discussion in Baker in a couple of weeks.

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