I’m grateful that I even -have- insurance but they are really annoying businesses.

I decided to see a nutritionist. I found one in Baton Rouge who is also a therapist. Just what I need, right? A food therapist. So I called the insurance company, and they won’t pay for a nutritionist unless it is for either A) a protein deficiency or B) diabetes. The customer service representative said the company definitely won’t cover a nutritionist for weight loss. That makes no sense.

According to BlueCross/BlueShield, Louisiana ranks 4th in the country for obesity, and obesity-related diseases account for nearly half of Louisiana’s state health care budget. If you buy into the medical-industrial complex’s war on fat, it makes no sense that insurance provides for weight-related illnesses (high blood pressure, gall bladder problems, heart disease, diabetes etc. etc.), but not for preventing or treating obesity.

I can’t wait until I see Michael Moore’s “Sicko.”

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