Second Life, the MMORPG, is huge; stories about it pop up everywhere in the press. For instance, someone named “Stroker” just sold his “Amsterdam” site on Second Life for $50,000. Wired has an interview with Stroker. Last year, Reuters opened a virtual news bureau office on SL. Most recently, Sundance has held a virtual screening of a film from the festival.

About a year and a half ago, someone told me about Second Life, and many of my cyber/VR friends have bailed from my various cyberhaunts to this site. So I got a character there, and even bought a video card to do so. It took about two weeks building my character and learning how to get around. But after that, there was nothing to do except shop or build things, unless you’re into code. If you’re not into code, then building is boring and frustrating, except that the RP is overly coded. Second Life reminded me of a visual FurryMuck. VR life is a crazy place.

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  1. Hi Laura, yeah, Second Life is all the rage these days, and I keep hearing about universities buying islands to use for classes. We haven’t done much with it here, but I also don’t get what all the fuss is all about. From an educational standpoint, seems that the learning curve is steep with not much potential in terms of learning.

    I also wish that with all that work going into SL, someone would come up with a virtual alternative to free markets and capitalist economies. Just sayin’.

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