Counterpunch has an article today on how much money Cheney and other war profiteers have made off the Iraq war. It’s so appalling; I can’t believe that this sort of thing doesn’t make headlines in the mainstream news. For instance,

In addition, Cheney’s son-in-law, Philip Perry, Cummings says, was appointed to serve as general counsel to the Department of Homeland Security, and he had been a registered lobbyist for Lockheed who had worked for a law firm representing Lockheed with the Department of Homeland Security.

According to Cummings, less than a month after 9/11, in October of 2001, the Pentagon announced a $20 billion contract for Lockheed for the development of the Joint Strike Fighter, called the F-35. At the time, Edward Aldridge was Undersecretary of Defense for acquisitions, technology and logistics, which was responsible for the approval of the contract. Aldridge left his government post in 2003, and he now just happens to serve on Lockheed’s board of directors.

This sort of wheeling and dealing is making my stomach hurt. We really need to stop this war.

Which raises the question about my loyalty to Hillary, and where I stand on the Hillary vs. Obama situation. I used to have a bumper sticker that said Hillary in ’96. I’ve been a Hillary fan for years and years. And despite Obama’s charisma, I think Hillary would make a better president. I think Obama would make a great vice president. He doesn’t have the experience to be president. And, of course, NOW has endorsed Hillary, which has disappointed Codepink. But dayum. Conversely, we need to get out of this war, and Obama is the only one that seems willing to be staunch about that. In the end, though, I just feel guilty for not doing anything myself to end the war beyond reading Codepink and True Majority mouse-click politics. I deserve my stomach ache.

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  1. Yeah, but really, what can one do? I don’t mean that as a way of letting everybody off the hook…I remember the first big anti-war protests (four years ago-ack!) when people all over the world, in the millions, took to the streets. Opposition to this war, people protesting in numbers the world had never seen, and Bushco didn’t even pay attention. We’re mosquitoes to them. And I know a lot of my friends have been wondering why we haven’t yet seen the emergence of a viable anti-war movement. Seriously, what can we do?

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