I had to write a statement of my teaching philosophy for my portfolio, which my school uses to evaluate the faculty. I just used the statement that I wrote while I was at my previous institution, but I have a strong feeling that this statement is going to change in the next year. It sounds too abstract. I found a helpful site called Confessions of a Community College Dean, by Dean Dad, which I’ve been enjoying. Unfortunately, I found it AFTER I submitted my teaching philosophy statement. Dean Dad says to be specific and use examples. I didn’t do that at all. In any case,Read More →

My colleague, Amy (shoutout to Amy), lent me her Al Franken book and I’m reading it slowly in the office during office hours. I’m still in the early pages. One thing he wrote about that I identified with was dreaming that his teeth disintegrated. I have that dream frequently myself. Someone once told me that it was a sign of stress and feeling defenseless and vulnerable, because your teeth are the last measure of protection that you have in a very primal sort of way. So, Al Franken really is running for U.S. Senate, I think (see Al Franken For U.S. Senate). In his YoutubeRead More →

Did I say yet that I really dislike Ann Coulter? I shouldn’t be giving her the time of day; she’s not worth it. She insinuated that John Edwards was a faggot, using that f-word, in her speech at the CPAC. Even some conservatives are calling her out for her statements. Interestingly, one article cites rhetorical theorist Richard Weaver’s Ideas have Consequences. I didn’t know that people still read him. In any case, I refuse to give Coulter’s comments any more space on my blog.

Even though I’m not broke, I’m feeling very broke today. Perhaps it’s because my husband bought a new laptop last night and I am jealous. It makes me reflect once again on my financial situation. A news article about the average family savings made the point that many people, particularly poor people, do not have savings for emergencies. I remember being that poor. I am proud of having learned to manage my money independently of my husband, who helped me out financially when we first got married. I owe my independence to a financial advisor. Everyone should have a financial advisor. Anyway, objectively, I amRead More →