Three movies I would like to see:

1. Blood and Chocolate (I’m such a geek)
2. Volver
3. I can’t really think of a third one right now.

Shoutouts to three people I need to email:

1. Tammy W.
2. Lynda H.
3. Cris L.

Three things I threw out from the fridge because they were spoiled:

1. Parmesan cheese
2. Eggs
3. Yogurt

Three things I wish would happen to me today:

1. Win lotto
2. Have a brainstorm about interpersonal communication
3. Have something intelligent to blog about.


  1. I heard your shoutout.

    for your third movie I suggest:

    Pan’s Labyrinth.

    It’s just…well, right now for me there are no other movies.

  2. wups, just ready your previous post. how ’bout Children of Men?

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