Barack Obama might be running on a “move-over Boomers” campaign. He’s pitching himself as the next generation of politicians. While it’s a move that I love, being a Gen Xer myself, it’s a political mistake. Look at what happened to music when the Boomers moved over. Britney Spears! We jumped from the culture of the Boomers to the culture of the digital generation with Gen X getting the spotlight for less than a decade because we were squeezed out by the population humps on both sides of us. The digital generation isn’t old enough to vote yet, and Gen X doesn’t have a large enough political base to get someone elected. That’s my take on it anyway.

Also, thank God people of Christian faith are starting to wake up about the War in Iraq. Finally, just as the president’s approval ratings are sinking to historic lows, even the Christian right is turning against the war in Iraq.

It reminds me of how neurotic the people at Jesus Camp were about Bush being the anointed president. How will people rationalize this war incongruity in their minds? Was God wrong? Is Bush listening to bad advisors? Has Bush fallen from grace? The mental gymnastics that people must be going through are probably pretty amazing.

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  1. Heya!

    I’m glad that I was able to find your blog so easily! In case you can’t figure out my RL identity based on the meager (and yet often adequate) cyber clues available, I’m Sara Gore, the lucky student who took several of your classes, most memorably the cyberculture class. I just finished reading a novel (The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas) which reminded me of you and made me seek you out. At some point while reading it I imagined you handing out the book to a class of students and saying, “Here’s your assignment for tonight. Be ready for your mind to be fucked.”

    I’m interested to hear about you teaching at BRCC. Hopefully you can get over your “research snobbery.” I’m living in Oregon now and the local community college lives up to its name in that it is very linked to the community. Many of the people I work with take classes at it just for the sake of knowledge, without being necessarily enrolled for a degree. With universities like LSU, the cost and bureacracy tend to prohibit similar undertakings…

    Anyway, glad to hear that you’re getting on. A mundane closing, but an honest one.

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