trashes Hillary for skipping town on the day of the big anti-war protest in order to launch her presidential campaign in Iowa. They suggest she would make a terrible president because she is behind the times and too centrist.

And, most critically for Hillary Clinton, a desperate yearning on the part of Americans of all political stripes not for a triangulating “centrist” in the Clinton mold, but for someone who can show themselves as both attuned and responsive to the national mood and capable of authenticity and bold leadership. Hillary Clinton could not be a less appropriate candidate for 2008.

Let’s recap: The Left thinks Hillary is too centrist, and the center thinks she’s too liberal. My fear, and it’s a common one, is that the Left will be too fragmented to get a Democrat into office in ’08. Of all the candidates on the horizon, who would Parrish (the article’s author) put up against Hillary as a better candidate? He doesn’t really say. I am already stressing about this and it is way too early in the race for me to be stressing.

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  1. I’m with you on it being too early to stress and finding yourself stressing anyway…

    Just finished reading a book (wasn’t very good) called Crashing The Gate: Netroots, Grassroots, And The Rise Of People-Powered Politics which argued that yes the left is fractured and that internet-activism will save it all! (maybe not that simplistic, but unfortunately close enough)

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