This website offers a nice, if scary, treatise on what Christian Conservatives believe.

Ironically, Catholics support the agenda of the Christian Coalition and the Christian Right, since most fundamentalist Christians believe that Catholicism is a cult.

The article reminded me of when I was in school at the University of Texas (before I got saved and temporarily joined the God Squad) and I was protesting apartheid. The Evangelicals would heckle us, and try to get us into debates with them. Their reasoning was pretty screwy. According to these students, you can’t argue about politics until you’re “right with God.” Not only is there no room for tolerance, but there is no room for debate unless you agree with them. Obviously, this is circuitous, because there’s no debate if you agree with them.

Most of the casual Christian students at LSU adhere to fundamentalism without genuinely understanding what it means. As one black woman I know says, “The KKK strung up Catholics just like they strung up black people.”

If students understood their history, I wonder, what they would think?


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  1. Having grown up Baptist, I recognize the circuitous logic you note and have to agree with Nietzsche’s condemnation of the “herd mentality” in a lot of fundamentalist Christianity. The messianic mythos and literalism leaves little room (or need) for any kind of introspection or debate. At least LA has the laid-back Catholic thing going, whereas the TX Cowboy buckle of the Bible Belt is far less tolerant of dialogic reflection upon unquestioned assumptions. hrmph

    Snowing here, which is nice. Good luck at BRCVPA this semester! Anna’s blackbox show on Madwoman Feminism is 1/31-2/4, be sure to check it out!


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