I spent part of today cleaning out my clothes of old clothes. Tomorrow I am going to go through my drawers. A sort of purging, I guess you could say. I don’t know what to do with these clothes, since most of them are good. They aren’t rags or torn or stained. They are just clothes that I don’t wear anymore for a variety of reasons. Which is just embarrassing because it’s emblematic of my crass consumption. I read on ABC an article that talks about where your clothes go when you donate them. They -don’t- go to poor families for free.

Anyway, we’re spending our New Year’s Eve fully engrossed in the Firefly DVD. I think the kid looks like River. We are having a blast watching it. It’s a shame that the show got cancelled.

Three things I’m grateful for:

1. My little family.
2. My job
3. Hershey’s hugs.


  1. There really are a few places that give donated clothing to individuals that need them in our area. I would suggest the Bishop Ott Shelter for Homeless Woman and Children on Convention Street or Myriam’s Closet on Nicholson. I have worked with these agencies and actually handed free clothing to people in need so I know that it does happen. If there are too many items in a certain size they may be sold at discounted prices to raise money that will help homeless women or women in transition through counseling, meals or other services supported by proceeds in their thrift stores. Some area agencies that work with mentally ill clients also keep closets with clothes to help their clients.

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