The word ‘democratic’ has such positive emotional valence … so they politicize it to use it as a term to describe a group of political rivals.”
“Democrat Party” is not common usage in Texas, Hart said, noting that the only people he had heard use it were “sitting Republican legislators.”

– Dr. Rod Hart, Communication Studies Professor and Dean, University of Texas, Austin,
in an LA Times article on Bush’s gaffe in the State of the Union

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  1. LSU’s HopKins Black Box theater presents “Exploring Feminisms: The
    Fragmented Identities of Madwomen,” a solo performance compiled,
    written, and performed by Annamaria Ruffino, a graduate student in
    the Department of Communication Studies.

    The production explores various ways of considering the general
    concept of feminism, which is comprised of many diverse points of
    view, according to Ruffino.
    “The word ‘feminism’ is a term about which many people feel very
    strongly,” said Ruffino. “The word itself elicits passionate debates,
    many of which stem from feminists themselves. What I’m trying to do
    is explain the diverse ideas that have propelled feminism
    historically, and still do, by taking on various personae who voice
    their perspectives.”

    “We can view feminism as a fragmented concept, with the madwoman as a
    central figure. This is not to say that feminists are crazy, but
    rather that feminism itself has so much diversity and multiplicity,
    that it can seem like a strange and “mad” idea,” said Ruffino.

    The show includes personal stories, a brief history of the overall
    waves and movements of feminism, and several musical numbers. The
    challenge for Ruffino will be to explore all of these diverse moments
    in a solo performance that makes sense to the audience.

    “Most people don’t know much about feminism, and I myself don’t know
    everything. I’d like to give people something to sink their teeth
    into, and have some fun in the process. Which is why I’ve considered
    re-naming the show ‘Feminism: the Musical.’” Ruffino invites the
    audience to ask: “What does feminism mean to me in today’s world?”

    “Exploring Feminisms” runs at 7:30 PM Wednesday January 31 through
    Saturday February 3, and at 2:30 PM Sunday February 4 in the HopKins
    Black Box theater, 137 Coates Hall on LSU’s Baton Rouge campus. The show contains mature themes and language.

    Admission is by a suggested donation of $5.00 at the door. For more
    information, please contact the Department of Communication Studies
    at (225) 578-4172 or visit the Black Box website at

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