I’ve been doing some thinking about what it means to teach at a community college compared to university teaching, which is hard to do without any experience there yet. I can make some predictions since I know the populations/demographics.

This gem made me reflect:

Feminist Pedagogy in Community Colleges

Because of the pressures and external commitments of students at the two-year college, unless these same students are able to apprehend the course material and see its relevance early in the semester, they may become discouraged and either withdraw from the course or from school altogether.

This makes me think I need to get on the ball and make sure that the first two weeks of class go smoothly. I don’t even know what I’m teaching or what books I’m using, so I can’t prepare. One thing I learned this summer from Teach Baton Rouge and the K12 infatuation with Harry Wong is that the first day of school is the most important. I’m anxious to for that first day at the college level again.

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  1. Hey Laura! Congrats and Good luck at BRCC. I hear the Chair is pretty cool:) I think that you will settle in fast with the teaching, the real culture shock may happen in other ways…


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