Why Do You Have Green Eyes?

I had an interesting racialized moment in class yesterday. One of the students, Benjamin, figured out that everyone in class had brown eyes except me. I have green eyes. He asked me why. How does one answer that question? I flippantly told him I was magic, without thinking about the implications of the answer. I lost a teachable moment. He asked me to magic his eyes, and make them green too.

Teaching the children with Teach Baton Rouge this month was fun. I am not weathering this transition as very well though. When I first started teaching college, before learning about feminist and critical pedagogy. I was terrible. Now, I feel similarly ungrounded and uncomfortable. It will take time

So far I haven’t learned much new in TBR’s summer institute, except for technical jargon. The good teaching from planning to delivery is exactly the same for professors – in theory. The difficulty, predictably, is translating these aspects for a 6-8 year old audience.  The technical aspect of this job, writing lesson plans to the nth degree, is a challenge. Hopefully this will become more natural.

Tomorrow is the last day of summer school. This month in the TBR Summer Institute has been intense and intensive.


  1. Hey Ms./Dr. Sells! Glad to see your blog is back! It seemed to disappear for a few days . . . .

    Sounds like the new teaching is keeping you busy! Lesson plans: what is that, and how does one do such a thing? Goodness . . . I wonder if they make you turn those in or something.

    Keep on keepin’ on!

  2. congrats on the new gig. it sounds tough but good. i talk a lot with people at work about race and power and affirmative action etc, and your class gave me a model for how to explain and discuss those things with people who have never thought about systemic/structural inequality.

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