I enjoyed V for Vendetta yesterday. The Wachowskis’ commentary on the Bush regime is obvious, whereas in the Matrix movies, the philosophy is garbled and multifarious. What’s equally interesting is the reviewers’ commentary. You can tell who is conservative and who is liberal by their take on the movie. In any event, one reviewer made a very disheartening comment:

But this is not the movie, and these are not the times, for sophisticated arguments.

If now is not the time for sophisticated arguments, then precisely when would that time be? Have we really become so dumb that any movie wanting to make a political point had better do it in black and white and on a fifth-grade reading level?

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  1. Hey there! I’ve been lurking around your blog for awhile and have to say I am happy that you took the Joshie up on the rec to post!

    I went to see the Vendetta move this weekend, too. I have to say that I enjoyed it (despite the too-Hitler and not enough Bush rendition of the chancellor guy….my politics wanted him to come across less zealot and more everyman).

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