This article reports about a survey that reveals the biggest time wasters at work. The list is unimportant, but the survey itself suggests that our Protestant work ethic is kicking into hyperdrive.

The article recalls something Susan Willis once wrote (at least I think it was Susan Willis) about how academics think of themselves as having it easy because we don’t have to work the way most people do, when actually what we should do is question the Protestant work ethic roots of the U.S. that unfairly demands so much from all workers.

Right now it’s spring break and I should be in the UK where they have a more sensible approach to the work week. The article casually announces that our work week is 45 hours. When did that happen? It used to be 40 hours.

The article states that 17 hours or 1/3 of our work week is wasted on useless meetings and things of that sort. Seventeen hours spread out over a week isn’t all that much. Perhaps everyone should be on factory line or shop floor, and we’re supposed to work non-stop as long as the machinery is up.

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