From a forwarded email about voting fraud in Austin:

Yesterday a friend voted early at a polling location in Austin. She voted straight Democratic. When she did the final check, lo and behold every vote was for the Democratic candidates except that it showed she had voted for Bush/Cheney for president/vice pres. She immediately got a poll official. On her vote, it was corrected. She called the Travis County Democratic headquarters.

They took all her information, and told her that she wasn’t the first to report a similar incident and that they are looking into it. So check before you leave the polling booth, and if anything is wrong, get it corrected immediately. Report any irregularities to your local Democratic headquarters.

Make sure you pass this along to your friends … hopefully this is all over the airwaves by tomorrow …

The Texas voting fraud is for real.

I called the Austin office (Dem. Nat. Comm.) 512-637-1737 and they said that it has been happening a lot. They don’t know why but the machines seem more “sensitive” this year and that every voter MUST check their summary as the presidential choice often rolls over to the republican choice if you vote straight democrat.

Before you call the Dem Nat Comm also try calling these guys:

866-OURVOTE , there are laywers sitting on the other side, they are partisan and will deff mobilize local people to look into ANY irregularities, this also means anything strange or suspicious you may see at the polls. Remember, they did it to us last time, they may do it again.

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