When Rolling Stone heavily promotes a new group or singer, something suspicious has gotta be going on. They liked Avril Lavigne’s new album, right? So when they went ga-ga over Los Lonely Boys, well…

CMT played their video, showing a group of three Mexican-American men, one with long hair and sunglasses. Now, that is not something you see very often on CMT. After listening for three or so seconds, I stayed because the tune was so resonant.

Their style resembles Santana with just a little bit of a country kick. On their website they describe themselves the same way!

“It’s kinda crazy, we’re like the Mexican Beatles,” Henry concludes. “People always ask us what kind of style we play. I tell ’em it’s a cross between Stevie Ray meets Santana, Jimi Hendrix meets Richie Valens, or the Beatles meet Ronnie Milsap. I call it my music burrito theory. What we’ve done is made like our own tortilla, right, with all the knowledge of all the greats that are out there, I can’t even think of ’em all right now, but we put ’em inside the tortilla, fold it up in there, we make our own burrito and we’re sellin’ it to the world, y’know?”

Burrito Theory. Like Gumbo Yaya and other hybrid genres.

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