I have half the football team in my class. They greet each other with Sugarbowl-infused respect knuckles. Ten percent of the population is football players, twenty percent is black (which I believe is higher than the college population), and forty percent is male. It’s a difficult demographic for teaching a course topic in a state that denigrates black folk, valorizes football players, and barely acknowledges that women’s destiny can be something other than marriage. As Arsenio said some ten years ago, “hmmmmmm.” Well, this brings up a whole thicket of issues that I don’t know how to address: I wonder how many of them will surface naturally, how many I will force to surface, how many I will have the energy to deal with. Well, I said I was bored with teaching and needed a challenge. Yes, I believe that is what’s happened. Can we talk openly about race, racism, gender, and violence in Louisiana?

I found this in Feminist Pedagogy while surfing for readings on teaching to college athletes: Using A Feminist Pedagogy As A Male Teacher.

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