Michael Moore’s “Farenheit 9/11” was rather brilliant. Although it dragged in some parts, it impressed because of the way that Moore managed to present cinematically a potentially boring, text-centered issue.

Most of what Moore shows comes from documents in the public domain for some time. He weaves these together in a dramatic blitz of information with his signature humor. Much in the film was old material, but it was touching and hilarious. We’ve all forgotten the pre-9/11 W., the man who golfed more than he presided. The most hysterical scene showed W.’s immediate reaction to 9/11. Moore also slowed down every facial expression we had of W. so that it looked like he was either incredibly sly, devious, and self-interested or just plain retarded. Masterful camerawork.

Admittedly, the film was just a lengthy “don’t re-elect Bush” campaign ad.

My husband called the film the left’s Passion of the Christ. *snicker*

Well, Baton Rouge theaters weren’t packed, of course, but the film still had a draw.

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