Hi: I am a graduate student at Northeastern University and I’m taking a class in Rhetoric & Technology. I am doing a paper that compares Nietzsche’s overman to Haraway’s cyborg. I want to ask Ms. Haraway if she sees any similiarities between them. Also, I want to know whether the cyborg have a “formula for happiness?” How can I get in touch with Ms. Haraway? My paper is due Monday. Signed, (name withheld)

It is in this juvenile ecstasy of the modern that we must locate the progeny of the future and initially ponder why a man, who just wants to be a boy, is apparently powerless to profess his innocence and relinquish his sexuality, despite assurances everywhere that he can and must.

– Slavoj Zizek in CTHEORY

It is nonetheless easy to understand the intellectual attraction of The Matrix: is it not that The Matrix is one of the films which function as a kind of Rorschach test setting in motion the universalized process of recognition, like the proverbial painting of God which seems always to stare directly at you, from wherever you look at it – practically every orientation seems to recognize itself in it?

– Slavoj Zizek in CTHEORY

Zizek says so much more. It’s all about the “Big Other,” but this quote is my favorite part.

All this anti-war activism (that never gets reported, of course, except in places like the Village Voice) reminds me of my grandmother, Anna Zuckerman, who devoted her life to peace activism. When I was a child, during the Vietnam war, she had a framed poster on her wall that said: War is unhealthy for children and other living things. I still have an unused patch of that slogan. So decided to buy a copy of that poster and put it up somewhere, probably at school. Here’s some interesting information:

This is not a real blog. It’s a poser blog. My friend has a webpage. Tonite at dinner he asked me what a blog was. I explained it to him, and he said it sounded just like a journal. Feh. I went to the web to look up exactly what a blog was one more time. I learned I am a mere blog poser:

1. There are blogs solely devoted to giving you things to blog about.