On another note, turning 40 made me reflect once again on grrl stuff disappearing on the web. It’s yet another example of Gen X getting choked out by Boomers on one side of the demographic hump, and Gen Y kids on the other. True, Britney Spears is no longer popular, but that’s just because the 8 year olds of the world are now 13, and buying Pink and Avril Lavigne instead. Consequently, Third Wave feminism, which is not your mother’s feminism, is commodified (like all feminism is, I suppose) into Lara Croftism.

What prompted this rant is a dead-end quest for chickclick graphics. Instead, I found anime. I loved the chickclick affiliate sites and their graphics; they were so hip. Here’s Courtney Macavinta’s site. She was once the managing editor. There are still some e-cards on another one of their former web designer’s sites. One of their former sister sites, hellfire.com, has an actual list links to chickclick sister sites. I hadn’t surfed chickclick for probably a year or so.

Here’s a commentary that grrl sites are succumbing to commercialism, and an old article from salon that mentions chickclick and talks about the feminist revolution on the net, or lack thereof.

Ok. This is old news. I’ve ranted about this. I need to get over it. But I’m entitled. I’m 40, dammit.