List of things I’ve closets cleaned in the past week:

1. Pantry.
2. Bathroom linen closet.
3. Pen drawer.

List of sample items found and tossed:

1. The kid’s old lunch pack soy milks; fermented. Walmart brand (“Great Value”) Hot Chocolate; six small packages of solid brown milk-product bricks (not such a great value).
2. Corroded batteries; tylenol – two years expired.
3. One dried up Little Mermaid pen. One dried up Aladdin pen. One dried up Harry Potter pen. One dried up Hercules pens. I sense a theme. These pens are not as magical as they seem.

Birthday Countdown:

5 more days until I’m 40.

(In June 2015, I purged my blog of many entries, but I saved the various lists of cleaning activities I did over the years. These entries serve as reminders of how wasteful accumulation is, and of how I need to use less!)

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