More PNAC links (Project for a New American Century)

PNAC Homepage
PNAC: Cheney’s monstrous scheme
PNAC and its connection to the Bush War
PNAC’s Present Dangers as Blueprint for Bush Doctrine
Open letter to president, dated after 9/11
We’re Neo-Conservatives’ 1988 Memo A Blueprint for Iraq War (ABC News) This article points out that 10 members of PNAC are now Bush cabinet members
– US had key role in Iraq Buildup (Washington Post 12/02) – This article talks about how, under the Reagan and Bush administrations, Iraq was seen as the bulwark against Islamic overthrow of US-friendly nations in the middle east. Rumsfeld was a key player in delivering to Saddam Hussein the technologies for developing WMD and biotech weapons.

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