From an email from a guy who is looking to buy a “War is not healthy” poster, which led him to my website: I accidentally found your excellent site, while looking for a poster that I had in my hooch in Viet-Nam. It said, “War is unhealthy for Women, Children & Other Living Things”. It was Psychedellic and really got me a lot of flak from a visiting Inspector-General, (I was a Marine, Fighter/Attack Pilot at Chu-Lai at the time). A couple weeks ago, there weren’t that many hits on Google for “war is not healthy.” Today, there are 500 hits. Another Mother For PeaceRead More →

More PNAC links (Project for a New American Century) – PNAC Homepage – PNAC: Cheney’s monstrous scheme – PNAC and its connection to the Bush War – PNAC’s Present Dangers as Blueprint for Bush Doctrine – Open letter to president, dated after 9/11 – We’re Neo-Conservatives’ 1988 Memo A Blueprint for Iraq War (ABC News) This article points out that 10 members of PNAC are now Bush cabinet members – US had key role in Iraq Buildup (Washington Post 12/02) – This article talks about how, under the Reagan and Bush administrations, Iraq was seen as the bulwark against Islamic overthrow of US-friendly nations inRead More →

Impeachment appears six times in the U.S. Constitution. The Founders weren’t concerned with anything more than with impeachment because they had lived under King George III and had in 1776 accused the king of all the things that George W. Bush wants to do: Usurpation of the power of the people; Being above the law; Criminal abuse of authority. – Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General, vote to impeach George IIRead More →

Nigerian scams are similar to Spanish Prisoner scams. More Spanish Prisoner: Incidentally, here is why that movie, The Spanish Prisoner, is called..the Spanish Prisoner (from the Urban Legend Reference Page): The Nigerian Scam has been emptying the pockets of victims for decades — first through letters, then with faxes, and now via e-mail. In its earliest incarnation — which dates to the 1920s — it was known as “The Spanish Prisoner” con. In that long-ago version, businessmen were contacted by someone trying to smuggle the scion of a wealthy family out of a prison in Spain. But of course the wealthy family would shower withRead More →

The Quiet American. deserves the high rating from Rotten Tomatoes. The movie was good; it was disturbing, haunting, and difficult to watch. The movie effortlessly metonymizes Vietnam with the woman character, Phuong, who is the object of both Michael Caine’s and Brenden Fraser’s attention. The best review is from in the UK. They like the film because it pushes us away from the tired “Miramax orientalism.” Excellent phrase! Nobody seems to be talking about what it means to turn Vietnam into a mistress or prostitute in that movie. That’s probably due to our “me so horny, me love you long time” consciousness. Given ourRead More →

Hi: I am a graduate student at Northeastern University and I’m taking a class in Rhetoric & Technology. I am doing a paper that compares Nietzsche’s overman to Haraway’s cyborg. I want to ask Ms. Haraway if she sees any similiarities between them. Also, I want to know whether the cyborg have a “formula for happiness?” How can I get in touch with Ms. Haraway? My paper is due Monday. Signed, (name withheld)Read More →