Josephus Daniels (18 May 1862-15 January 1948) was appointed Secretary of the Navy by President Woodrow Wilson in 1913. Among his reforms of the Navy were inaugurating the practice of making 100 Sailors from the Fleet eligible for entrance into the Naval Academy, the introduction of women into the service, and the abolishment of the officers’ wine mess. From that time on, the strongest drink aboard Navy ships could only be coffee and over the years, a cup of coffee became known as “a cup of Joe.” From the Fleet Forces website. Ha, Phrase Finder had cuppa joe in the discussion boards: “It may beRead More →

This is not a real blog. It’s a poser blog. My friend has a webpage. Tonite at dinner he asked me what a blog was. I explained it to him, and he said it sounded just like a journal. Feh. I went to the web to look up exactly what a blog was one more time. I learned I am a mere blog poser: 1. There are blogs solely devoted to giving you things to blog about. 2. defines blogs: a blog is “a frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and weblinks.” Plus, it has a bunch of links to sites about blogs. ByRead More →