Harry Potter is all the rage, of course. Some people are happy about that and others aren’t. Crooked Dimwit is one of those who isn’t. Annoyed and exhausted by the Harry Potter hype, Crooked Dimwit argues that the media overstates Harry’s preeminence at the box office. Because the rating system ignores inflation, HP rankings are actually exaggerated. When adjusted for inflation, Gone with the Wind ranks the highest grossing movie of all time while HP ranks well at the bottom half of the top 100 box office earners. As an aside, GWTW has *sixty* years of re-releases added into its total whereas HP has beenRead More →

As a kid, I liked I Dream of Jeannie without understanding what Jeannie stood for. On the one hand, Jeannie is one chick who seriously needs a copy of The Feminine Mystique. On the other, it’s delightful that the psychiatrist, Dr. Bellows himself (now there’s a pun for a name), was pathologized and neuroticized. How funny is that. Also, feminist critic Lynn Spigel makes a great point in “From Domestic Space to Outer Space” (in Close Encounters: Film, Feminism, and Science Fiction, ed. Penley et al.): “The patriarchal splendors of the space project are ironically cast aside as a woman is able to accomplish theRead More →