Like everyone else, this WTC thing has really scared me. The event itself is surreal. What scares me most is the way we are reacting to it. I am not the first to say this. Neither is Michael Moore, but he did make a statement about it in “Mike’s Message” on 9/12/01. What he says is so sharp.

As usual, Mike has some shocking things to say about the nation’s response to the WTC. Unfortunately, the most recent messages aren’t archived, so you have to hunt around for them. In his latest messages he chronicles his trip home from L.A. to N.Y.C. and to find his daughter who goes to school in NYC; during the trip he observes American’s response to the WTC. Here are some of his messages:

Mike’s Message 9.12.01
Mike’s Message 9.14.01
Mike’s Message 9.15.01
Mike’s Message 9.17.01
Mike’s Message 9.19.01
Mike’s Message 9.22.01
Mike’s Message 10.08.01 <– “Give war a chance”

Mike’s basic points are that our government created Osama bin Ladin and that George Bush (who he calls George II) et al. has used the WTC as an opportunity to erode further the freedom in America. There are some sadly humorous things on this site and some poignant moments.

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