The Pro-Obama Dungeons & Dragons Crowd

Finally! Something I’m not too behind the curve on! Apparently a McCain aide, Michael Goldfarb, made a disparaging remark about us Pro-Obama D&D players on McCain’s blog. (IMO most D&D players are Libertarians, but that’s just anecdotal.) Here’s the comment: It may be typical of the pro-Obama Dungeons & Dragons crowd to disparage a fellow countryman’s memory of war from…

Christian the Lion

The viral video of Christian the Lion made me sniffle and almost cry. It is about a lion cub who was domesticated and then re-released in the wild. The story reminded me of Born Free, a movie from the 1960s (and it’s quintessential 60s, too). It turns out that the guy who “Born Free” was about helped re-release Christian to…


Gratitudes: How Do I Work This?

Keeping track of gratitudes helps keep me positive and appreciative. The only rule is people can't be on the list because there are too many to name. Focusing on the small things keeps me mindful. Here's my gratitudes for today.

Three things I’m grateful for:

1. Facebook
2. My job
3. My car, which I really should treat better.

David Harvey, Marx, Haraway

Yesterday I found the greatest link to David Harvey is a professor of Geography at CUNY. He’s a Marxist, and a prolific writer (ten books), including one I read called The Condition of Postmodernity, and he’s wicked smart. Every year for the past…who knows how many years, he teaches a course that is a close reading of VOl. I…

Amateur Porn

New media critics say that new media technologies turn consumers into producers. Nowhere is this more true than in amateur porn production. An article in Wired gives this as an explanation for why the porn industry is feeling an economic crunch. The porn industry is posting losses from the endless free supply of amateur porn. Of course, despite the losses,…