Pop Culture

Oysters or Snails: Spartacus

We bought Spartacus on hi-def and watched it tonight. My husband was completely oblivious during the oysters or snails scene, which made me chuckle. Wikipedia has a nice entry on Spartacus. The entry explains that Anthony Hopkins dubbed Olivier’s lines when the film was remastered to include the Oysters or Snails scene with Tony Curtis.

Jesus Camp

I went to see the movie Jesus Camp yesterday. It depicts Evangelicals teaching their kids into being soldiers for Jesus. They even pray over a cardboard effigy of George Bush, asking for Jesus to help Bush lead us to a right wing country. George Bush is not God’s representative on earth. If anything, he’s a false prophet bringing the apocalypse…


Clerks II

Trevor Fehrman on the Pussy Troll scene from Clerks II: Was there ever a scene where you couldn’t keep a straight face delivering your lines? Yes, the pussy troll scene. [laughs] Yeah, that’s what I was thinking of. What the hell was that? The pussy troll scene was one of those scenes that is a real nothing ventured, nothing gained…

V for Vendetta

I enjoyed V for Vendetta yesterday. The Wachowski brothers’ commentary on the Bush regime is obvious, whereas in the Matrix movies the philosophy is garbled and multifarious. What’s equally interesting is the reviewers’ commentary. You can tell who is conservative and who is liberal by their take on the movie. In any event, one reviewer made a very disheartening comment:…