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And Then There Were Three

Christmas, 1967. The stuffed bear ever at my side is Loofy, short for Lucifer. Lucifer, a hand-me-down from my aunt, was a best beloved and devilish beast who stood up to hellish things in the night. If I recall the story correctly, Loofy was named after Lucifer brand matches. His name bears a pun, for Lucifer is the bear-er of…

I’m Almost Fifty

Many years ago, as a child, I played in Chelsea Park, Manhattan, NYC. In those days, it was concrete with a little bit of green. Today, it’s green with a little bit of concrete. Somewhere in the middle, it was just sand, like a big cat litter box. I’m sure Chelsea Park could be a metaphor for life – from…


Gratitudes: Under the Rocks and Stones

Keeping track of gratitudes helps keep me positive and appreciative. The only rule is people can't be on the list because there are too many to name. Focusing on the small things keeps me mindful. Here's my gratitudes for today.

Tea, Cinderella cup, and bracelet. Life is good.

Ten things that made me happy today:

1. My niece (I broke the people law wherein gratitudes cannot include people, but this is actually a happiness list)

2. A nice dinner at Bistro Byronz for a good cause – “Dining Out for Life”;

3. I got away with an excellent joke on my boss’s boss’s boss;

4.My boss’s boss’s boss didn’t fire me for said excellent joke;

5. My house is clean;

6. Celestial Seasonings’ Gingerbread Spice Tea is out of production and off season, but I still have some left over;

7. I took a minute last week to re-string my twenty+ year old beaded bracelet from Key West that broke last year, and now worn every day for a week. The bracelet is made of some unknown material, plant or shell, perhaps;

8. Hank the autistic cat has been letting me pick him up for hugs;

9. I don’t need to complete my list all the way to ten things because I am content with nine; and

I’m not feeding into my perfectionism today.

On Academic Biorhythms

This year was peculiar at school because various calamities kept us in crisis mode all year. As we plod toward April, I find myself worn as thin as some of the most stressful times of my adult life even though nothing overly stressful stands on the horizon except for typical work responsibilities. Perhaps I could weather daily work more easily…

Attila the Hunny

My cats are overweight, a problem common to aging pets and pet owners who spend too much time indoors at the computer or on the sofa watching television. My cats are on a diet, which causes Milo some serious problems. Milo is a large, lumbering cat of Siamese mix. He’s muscle, fat, size, and stealth. He’s all love, and all…

Olivia Pope: Scandal’s Tragic Mulatto

Scandal is a guilty pleasure with its bodice-ripping, twisty-turny Shonda Rhimes storyline. Lauded in many circles as a positive image, Olivia Pope is a familiar tragic trope clad in a power suit. All the blogs say that audiences, particularly women of color, have a love/hate relationship with Olivia Pope, the main character of Scandal, because she’s a two-steps-forward, two-steps-back kinda…